Saturday, September 1, 2012

Berkley's 2-goal propel Chargers over Vaqueros 5-1

Berkley scores first two goals
for the Chargers
Cypress, CA - Cypress (2-0) Men's Soccer team finds the scoring groove in a 5-1 win over Glendale. The Chargers and Glendale (0-2) College battle to a scoreless first half. It is apparent that the Vaqueros show no sign of what happened at Irvine Valley on Tuesday when the Lasers beat Glendale 4-1. In the 49th minute, Glendale's Christian Lopez power-kicks from 30-year out to put the Vaqueros up 1-0.  This is when the Chargers shift gears, Chris Berkley finds the net at the 57th minute and again at the 61st minute from Lasse Horn corner kick assist to get up 2-1. The Chargers offense continue to attack with Daniel Solis' rebound shot at the 66th minute. On the 70th minute, Lasse Horn floats a corner kick up the middle and Glendale's own man puts it in the net. Horn is credited with the goal. Then at the 75th minute, Brett MacKay goes up the middle for e 35-yarder power shot and his ball finds its way to the lower left corner of the goal.


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