Monday, September 17, 2012

Chargers suffer first loss of the season

Cypress, CA - The Chargers (3-1-2) host Chaffey (4-2-1) on an afternoon when the temperature almost reaches 100 degrees. A couple of EZ-Ups must be set up over the Chargers bench in order to keep the players away from the heat. Chaffey is a high offensive team and is 3-0-1 when scoring 3 goals or more.
Santos scores 2 goals effort
for the Chargers

Four minutes into the game, Goalkeeper Dennis Bronson mistakenly clears the ball straight up the middle which is intercepted by Chaffey forward Larry Llamas who boots it back to the right side of the goal and finds the net. Llamas who leads the game in shots on goals, finds thenet again at the 26-minute mark, assisted by Carlos Ramos to put Chaffey in the lead of 2-0. Cypress' forward Pedro Romero-Nieva-Santos responds at the 12-minute mark with one of his own boot to cut Chaffey's lead to 2-1. However the Chargers offense seems not to be able click during the second half and Chaffey's Edgar Llamas finds an insurance goal at the 81-minute mark to put Chaffey up 3-1. The Chargers refuse to roll over as Santos was knocked down inside the penalty box at the 89-minute and is awarded a penalty kick. Santos converts and the Charger cut the lead to 3-2 but the referee calls off the game shortly after. Chaffey is still consistent with its goal production and remains undefeated when scoring 3 or more goals.

Cypress suffers its first loss of the season and will host Southwestern next Tuesday.


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